Medicine Development and Promotion

Medicine development

It is well known that much more money is spent for developing and advertising medicines than for their production. Companies that invest in the development of original drugs try to benefit from their efforts later on. This is a rather complex business that requires a lot of work in product development and marketing. As in any other area, the process of creating and promoting a pharma product includes several stages:

The research

– research works on the development of a new drug and its testing.  Factors such as the patient’s tolerance, active ingredient and auxiliary substances are taken into account in the development of the drug. Probably the most expensive and longest part.

Clinical trials

Large-scale clinical testings are being conducted with the involvement of a large number of medical professionals in different countries to confirm the high efficacy and safety of the new medicine.


To put on sale medicinal products it is necessary to carry out it’s registration, as well as to meet the necessary quality requirements. A medicine is registered under a specific trade name.


The complex of organizational works for the product delivery in drugstores and establishments where sale of medical products is allowed. The involvement of med reps for the distribution is also included in this phase.


Marketing of pharmaceutical products implies a comprehensive and considerate approach to drug brand development. It is important to present each medicine as an effective, convenient and safe treatment of diseases. Pharma promotion is a bit more complicated than in case with food and consumer goods, as there are a number of restrictions on advertising drugs. Therefore, to launch a successful campaign of pharma advertising it is necessary to build and implement a complex multichannel strategy. Using different communication channels, we help pharmaceutical companies to increase their products sales significantly.


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